Recipe Ratings

This page is dedicated to showing you all the recipes I have cooked for each book. I have also put in place a rating system which can be found at the bottom of this page.
app = Apperance
T/T = Texture and Tenderness
F/A = Flavour and Aroma
Tot = Total score out of 5

Adirondack Maple Wings4444
Born on the Bayou wings3343.1
Darkest Secret Wings1142.5
Hot Bull Wings3354
Lemon-bourbon glazed wings4444
Manhattan BBQ wings5454.6
Antisocial Wings4433.4
Microbrew Wings3433.4
Quick Billys Chile Wings554.54.75
Terminator Crunch Wings3.5422.8
Virginia wings44.523.05
Grateful Caravan Wings333.53.25
Gumbo Wings33.53.53.45
Miami Spice Wings444.54.25
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Wings4444
Original Buffalo Party Wings54.54.754.67
Lucifer Wings43.543.8
Johnny Appleseed Wings44.54.254.325
Cajun Wings4.7554.754.85
Sante Fe Wings5544.5
Bangkok Fire Wings4444
Western Party Wings344.54.15
Hot Wings444.54.25
Beer boy Paulino wings4444
Hollywood Ginger Wings543.53.85
Hot Tomato Wings3.544.54.2
Corny Corn Wings4222
Mama Kins Baked Wings3.5444.2
Featherweight Party Wings444.54.25
Honey-Mustard Wings4.544.254.17
Die-Hard Dijon Wings4.544.254.17
Devil Island Chicken Wings3.53.54.54
Diane Loves Wings4444
Jim's Buffalo chicken buffalo Wings4..
Shanghai Red Wings44.53.754.075

Rating System

      A score out of 5 is given to each of the below categories. Once this is done the out of 5 score is multiplied by the category weighting and all the figures are added together to give you a score out of 5.
    Appearance: 0.1
    Texture/Tenderness: 0.4
    Flavour/Aroma: 0.5

E.g Appearance 3, Texture 4, Flavour 2 = (3×0.1) + (4×0.4) + (2×0.5) = 2.9 out of 5