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How to eat a chicken wing

After having shown you over 80 chicken wing dishes, I still come across a few people that struggle when comes to the art of eating a wing.
By this I mean not wasting meat, keeping clean and being able to drink at the same time.
Like with most things there are many ways to eat a wing, today I’m going to show you the following three mothods:

  • One handed
  • Single bone removal
  • Double bone removal

If my video is too boring this is a must see funny version of how to eat a wing:

How to cut a chicken wing

Why cut your own wings you ask?!?
Two reasons

  1. It’s rewarding
  2. It saves you money

It’s that simple why pay the supermarket extra money just because they have cut the wing for you. I therefore feel it is my responsibility┬áto teach all your wing-lovers how to cut you own wings.

Don’t forget if you have any questions drop them in the comments below…