Blue Plate – all you can eat wings

I was very excited when my girlfriend bought us some vouchers for all you can eat wings…
That’s right 1.5 hours of time allocated for eating as many buffalo wings as you like.
Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t planning to take on Joey Chestnuts world record. FYI it’s 191 wings in 12minutes

The venue was set for the Blue Plate – Bar and Grill.

I looked over the menu the night before (with no intention of eating anything but wings) , and it got me excited because they had some good hearty American meals, and this was a sign of good original wings to come.

The evening started with a Boston Larger on the house and our first order of wings.
I was nervous about the wings not being hot or crispy or us running out of time…

None of the above happened.
The wings (perhaps not the first 2kgs) were very crispy, in fact by our 8th bucket they were so crispy I was heaven.
They had just the right amount of spice and butter too.

We even went as far as to try our their homemade BBQ wings.
They were very good, but I had to go back to original due to the former being rich and sweet.
As you can see we all ate to our heats content. The vegetables didn’t get a lot of attention as to be expected ;-)
To top things off the service was really great, the manager spent time chatting to us, making sure we had everything we wanted and got into some American beer conversations too.
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We managed 8 buckets of wings totaling 8kgs. I had a goal of 25 wings and manged 27 in the end…
Do you know any great wing joints in Sydney?

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